Hello, I am Massoud Beygi
Business Analyst And Project manager

I'm Business Analyst And Project manager with years of experience in various functions of different businesses. I'm the co-founder of Tondtech , Tabro , Medurist , Vocabeaty and some other startups. Also I'm Business Analyst at Samanehaye Modiriat First CRM solution provider in middle east.

Personal Info

  • nameMassoud Beygi
  • date of birthDecember 31, 1984
  • e-maili@merkousha.net
  • addressunit 705, Ayene vanak complex , vanak st. , Tehran , IRAN
  • phone9891-2828-2925
  • websitewww.Merkousha.net


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You can find my resume in my Linkedin profile : Merkousha


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You can find my blogs and my Podcasts in tondtech Telegram Channel and tondtech blog

Contact Us

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Contact info

You can find me in Linkedin, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and any new network Social with "Merkousha" ID

  • Vanak St. Tehran
  • +98 91 2828 2925
  • i@merkousha.net

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